Dec 15, 2008

";-) trademark claim makes us go :-o and then >:-["

Yeah it's come to this...

Russian businessman Oleg Teterin now claims he owns the tradmark to an emoticon:


That's right people. "Teterin said in an interview with Russian TV channel NTV this week that Russia's patent agency had granted him the trademark to ;-)." He promises to only go after companies, rather than individuals, which use the symbol...for now.

Seeing that the Russian patent agency will grant a trademark for just about anything these days, Eternal Remont is attempting to tradmark "Oleg Teterin," (trademark pending) and will expect payment whenever anyone speaks, writes, prints, or otheriwse uses this phrase in all media known to humanity, existing or future.

In addition, we've also applied for trademarks for the following phrases:

Plan Putina*
Oligarchs Gone Wild*
Gratuitous Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights*

*(trademarks pending)

Thanks Amichka!


Ern said...

It brings to mind Dr. Evil: "My father used to make ridiculous claims that he had invented the question mark."

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Are they going to patent even their assholes? I think this is going insane.
Anyway, sharing everything is better!

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This can't truly have success, I suppose so.

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