Dec 8, 2008

Georgian Woman Claims to be Putin's Mama

Yes, the Georgian Daily is reporting that Vera Putina, 82, has claimed he is the child she gave away at the age of ten, giving an account of an unhappy childhood which is fiercely disputed by the Kremlin. Supported by other residents in Metekhi, Mrs. Putina claims he lived in the village between the ages of 2.5 and 10 before being sent back to his grandparents in Ochyor, Russia.

Records in the archives of Metekhi's closest town, Caspi, indicate that a Vladmir Putin was registered at Metekhi school, 1959-1960, stated nationality: Georgian.

In Mrs. Putina's account, Mr. Putin's father was a Russian mechanic, Platon Privalov, who got her pregnant while married to another woman. She claims her son, nicknamed "Vova" was born on October 7, 1950, exactly two years before Mr Putin's official birth date.

In 1952, Mrs Putina married a Georgian soldier, Giorgi Osepahvili, and moved to Georgia with her son. In December 1960, under pressure from her husband to disown her child, she delivered "Vova" back to his grandparents in Russia. Mrs. Putina believes that the St. Petersburg-based "parents" referred to in Mr. Putin's biography adopted her son from his grandparents.

Says Putina: "I used to be proud of having a son who became President of Russia. Since the war I am ashamed."

Mr. Putin claims his paternal grandfather, Spiridon Putin, had been Vladimir Lenin's and Joseph Stalin's personal cook and both of his parents died of cancer, his mother in 1998 and his father in 1999.

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