Dec 4, 2008


At year's end, it's time to take stock. Since we all know how global markets have performed, we'll take stock of the OSCE instead. Oops, it's just as bad. However, yesterday's bearish assessment of the OSCE by Jamestown does offer some food for thought.

"The [OSCE] has not been able to hold a summit since 1999 due to its diminishing relevance and has not managed to adopt a joint political declaration since 2002 due to Russian vetoes."

Oddly, that's just about the time when Russia started to act less like a partner and more like a strategic competitor to Western institutions. So much for that silly Medvedev Doctrine (which, by the by, really isn't Medvedev's doctrine at all, since it was included in Russia's 2005 National Security Strategy, but that's a different matter).

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