Dec 29, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

After surveying it's membership over the past several weeks, Nashi, the Kremlin-backed "anti-fascist" youth group, has drawn up a list. Giving Santa a day off, or perhaps having less faith in his discriminatory capabilities than other small children, Nashi has identified a "Naughty" list of the World's Leaders. However, only one, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has been given coal, because each gift is specially designed to poke fun at that leader.

Yushchenko received coal and a log, presumably because it's going to be a hard winter renegotiating gas prices with Russia, yet again. Yushchenko also received a re-conceived Ukrainian flag which is apparently the offspring of the Ukrainian and American flags and a Nazi swastika. (All I can say to that last part is something about a pot and a kettle)

Good old President Saakashvili was given several ties, to replace the one he gnawed upon in an absentminded moment on film

And ever the target of political satire, President George W. Bush received some maps marking with mousetraps NATO expansion. Quite anticlimactic really, they had so much else to choose from..pretzels, the newly popular shoe incident...Come on guys, mousetraps?

I just wonder what Putin got...


Ern said...

I take exception to the fact that the Georgian leader got anything. Didn't he get enough US money and resources already? Did he really need a Xmas gift to boot?

Anonymous said...

Erm, I got your mommy a Christmas present. Holler back at your kid brother in 9 months!