Dec 18, 2008

More -- sigh -- Genocide

I don't know how much more genocide we can take. But we mark the political birth of a new genocide: Azeri Genocide.

Apparently, Azeri Genocide was done at the hands of Armenians, who were themselves [French law requires that we say the following phrase or face prison time as a holocaust denier] "the victims of genocide by the Turks.”

Will everyone please stop genociding each other. This is getting out of hand.

Anyway, we can’t wait until the Azeri Genocide gets its own bill introduced into Congress. The Co-Sponsors of the Armenian Genocide bill are going to be so very confused.

Link to the photo exhibition in Baku.


dkuehn said...

Congress should just pass a "Humans Are Bastards And Occassionally Slaughter Each Other And We'll Try To Keep That From Happening When It's Feasible, But After The Natural Lifespan Of A Human Being Elapses You Aren't Allowed To Bitch About It Anymore" Act and be done with it. I call it the HABAOSEOAWTTKTFHWIFBATNLOAHBEYAATBAIA Act for short.

I especially like the name of the group that put on the photo exhibit: "The Association of Resistance to False Armenian Claims of Turkish Yalova"... VERY creative

BabaYaga said...

It will be shortly followed by a bill on the Ukrainian genocide of the 1930s, which has been a frequent topic of discussion of late because of its 75th anniversary commemoration which President Medvedev declined to attend and a Russian intell agent has just labeled an "invention." See full article at