Dec 24, 2008

On the Russian Passport Question: Al Jazeera [Accidentally] Scoops Everyone

Hold the #$(@* phone.

Al Jazerra just dispatched a reporter to South Ossetia. Her mission: report on the sad life of everyone under new management. But at exactly 2:00, Al Jazerra's camera accidently answers what no one -- and I mean no one -- in Washington has confirmed. The Russian passports are actually "propiska" (internal documents) rather than "mezhdunarodnye" (international).

This means the "Medvedev Doctine" might as well be handing out memberships to the Hair Club for Men, or the Mickey Mouse Club, for all the legitimacy it has before international law. Either way, Russia is not minting new citizens of the Russian Federation.

Score one for Al Jazeera (even if they had no idea what they did).


Anonymous said...

Score one for your mommy who coincidentally is watching Al "Jizzera" with me right now!

Khatia said...

I didn't thought about it by watching this video. Good point.

Anonymous said...

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