Dec 31, 2008

Revolution is coming!

The price of vodka is going up after the New Year. There can be no other outcome.

Gosalkokontrol has been set into motion. The president’s decree on the creation of Gosalkokontrol has been drafted and submitted to the government. The new agency will have new authority, including setting the minimal prices for alcohol and licensing the alcohol transportation.

According to, a bottle of legal vodka will cost no less than 95 rubles in 2009. The segment of premium and low-premium vodka (from 160 rubles to 170 rubles a bottle) is likely to yield a portion of market share to cheaper vodka of illegal make. Meanwhile, the beer industry is apparently the first victim of new policies. The beer output in Russia grew no more than 1% from January through September, which is a record low of the last 18 years.

So have a happy new year, Russia! The cheer today will cost a bit more tomorrow.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

My God, that's a messed-up photo.

Ern said...

Apparently it's a picture of the front of the vodka museum in Russia. I didn't know said museum existed, and I certainly don't know where it is located. But I do know this. I must visit.

BabaYaga said...

$3.25 for a bottle of vodka? Highway robbery. BTW I've been to the St Petersburg vodka museum, one room of empty vodka bottles of all shapes and sizes and at the end you get to take a shot.

Ern said...

And I am officially jealous of B.Y.