Dec 18, 2008

"Putin, I Banged Your Wife" and other song titles that will get you on the no visa list

Apparently, Guns N' Roses had a tough time deciding what culture/political dictators it wanted to offend with its new album "Chinese Democracy." Many of them would still have gotten the rockers banned in China: You Know What? Chairman Mao Sucked or Yao Ming Totally Blows at the Foul Line.

However, Axl Rose didn't leave Eurasia unscathed in his long list of alternatives. Perhaps the album would have sold better with our readers and yours truly if it hadn't had such a subtle insult, although admittedly it made me chuckle.


Ern said...

I can't believe Axl Rose just made my day.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

No offence to Ludmila, but Alina Kabayeva is better looking.

Axl Rose banged the wrong woman.

Ern said...

Did you just insult the supreme leader's wife?!

Have fun chopping trees in Siberia, Pirate Diplomat!