Dec 12, 2008

The Economic Crisis Affects the 2012 European Championship

Is NOTHING sacred?!

NY Times: After less than 2 years plagued with disorganization, corruption & now a global financial disaster, the future is looking far from secure for the 2012 European Championship in Poland & Ukraine. What ideally would be a straightforward process — getting teams together to play soccer in front of fans & TV cameras — has turned into a multinational melodrama that could have sprung from the pages of Gogol.

Ukraine has played the part of the down-on-his-luck guy, Poland the corrupt official & Germany the ready opportunist, prepared to sweep in & take over part of the tournament if Ukraine stumbles. After a series of harshly critical reports and comments by officials, there has been a flurry of activity as the 2 countries try to prove that they have their acts together so that European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, does not pull the plug...

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