Dec 19, 2008

Did Someone Say Turkmenistan?

While we're on the subject, Turkmenistan this week has reminded us of an important truth in today's world. An election can be considered free and fair if only you can somehow control every name that gets on the ballot and probably manufacture a high turnout. Although only state-approved candidates, 90% belonging to the only legally registered political party in Turkmenistan, were allowed to stand, apparently getting to rubber stamp this foregone conclusion is a reason to cheer.

Incidentally, this comes at the same time as the Belarus elections, which Russia pronounced as "free and open." If this subject interests you, I'd encourage you to read this really interesting New York Times article.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

That's got to be the same guy in the other photo.

Is this his job, the Turkmen everyman, who's paid to pose for official photos?

Ern said...

This is an old Soviet play by the by. Even Stalin never won with 100%.