Dec 17, 2008

Lukashenko on Fatherhood

In case there was any doubt, he's gone completely insane.

Financial Times: What makes a good father?

Lukashenko: "It is very important for a father to teach his son a real man's life. And when [my youngest son] Kolya turned one year old, I took him by the hand and brought him to a steam room. Of course he complained and ran out. But now, he is four years old, he can endure temperature differences from 100f to 28f in the swimming pool. Plus, he endures ice baths."

In Belarus, this is called fatherhood. Everywhere else, it's called child abuse.


Ern said...

He really is the last bastion of insane quotes in the region. We've been neglecting him.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

I wish my parents had thrown me into a bath of ice water when I was two.

Some kids have all the luck.

Anonymous said...

So what? You have different customs in different parts of the world. My wife is from Gomel Belarus. She once told me that at the age of 3 her daughter liked the sauna so much she didn't have the sense to get out, her nephew has been dunking in frozen rivers since the age of 6 and using the sauna.
Thanx for once again imposing your world view on others. Stupid comments all.

Anonymous said...

This is remarkable! I am a citizen of Belarus and can attest to the fact that what's happening here is bad craziness.