Dec 9, 2008

Miss Constitution Contest

Russia's "anti-fascist" youth group, Nashi, has decided to sponsor a "Miss Constitution" contest. One can only imagine the qualities such a girl must possess. Although the Nashi spokesperson outlined some, it seems as if she missed some key elements:

1. While looking good on paper, in reality Miss Constitution will be poorly balanced;
2. She will speak of international standards, but her smile will reveal no teeth;
3. and, although respected, she will be expected to make extensive changes to both her physical appearance and underlying moral framework to suit political whims.


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L. Julius Maximus said...

Incidentally, a local pro-government youth organisation in Azerbaijan based on "Nashi" (actually a loose copy of "Nashi") has dissolved itself nowadays

The biggest youth movement in Azerbaijan dissolves itself

(and here is the more free version of that piece)