Sep 14, 2009

Russian-Ukrainian relations deteriorate

So, outside of the language wars (see previous post), Russia and Ukraine continue to not agree on most other issues.

According to the Washington Post today, Russia is intensifying pressure against Ukraine. Recent examples?

- Russia has accused Ukraine of sending troops to Georgia last year to kill Russian soldiers
- Russia claims Ukraine has been disrupting the operations of the Russian fleet in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol
- and Medvezhonok issued a letter last month that denounced Yushchenko (at least the letter wasn't covered in dioxin)

Meanwhile on September 10, the Ukrainian intelligentsia issued an open letter asking for protection Russia. Interesting point, the letter is in Russian.

Shouldn't Russia be focused on ending violence in the Caucasus? And should Ukraine be concerned with actually forming a government that can survive? I'm cool with open rhetoric. I just don't want things to escalate.


Mrta said...

The open letter: who is to and does it want protection from Russian aggression, or from Russia against outside threats?

Ern said...

They want protection from the west against Russia:

Мы обращаемся к руководству США, Великобритании, Франции и Китая с предложением созвать в соответствии с п.6 Будапештского Меморандума международную конференцию его государств-гарантов с целью обеспечить реальные гарантии безопасности Украины, задекларированные Меморандумом.

Mostly, they want to keep their sovreignty, which as you know Ukraine has a history of losing time and time again.


Off-topic comment - I adore your new phrase, Ern - "Medvezhonok" :)

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Yes! That's another word you've created. Ern, you're on a roll.

Anonymous said...

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