Sep 29, 2009

"Anti-Soviet" Supporter in Hiding

Earlier this month, we covered the story of the "Anti-Soviet" restaurant, which was forced to rename itself as "Soviet", because the name "Anti-Soviet" offends veterans and widows (that's the official version).

Well, it appears that Russian freelance journalist Aleksandr Podrabinek wrote an editorial about the name change of the restaurant and now is being threatened by everyone's favorite nationalist youth group - Nashi (pictured above). Oh yeah, the Nashisti are none too pleased. Nashi has organized a protest and is demanding an apology from Podrabinek for defiling the honor of veterans.

Podrabinek has gone into hiding, claiming he has been threatened. The group well known for harassing opponents denies threatening the journalist. That's right, Nashi, it's not a threat if you intend to follow through. Then it's a promise.

Side note: All this over the naming of a restaurant? I'm curious to know what they serve at this former anti-soviet now soviet restaurant. My guess is the menu then and now mainly offers delicacies drenched in sunflower oil and/or mayonaise. Really, did the name have anything to do with anything in the restaurant?


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Great word: "Nashisti."


Nashi is not a nationalist group, but it is Democratic [sic!] Anti-Fascist [sic!] Youth Movement.