Sep 21, 2009

The babushki win again

Is there no limit to their powers? Together, I think they're stronger than Putin.

According to YahooNews, a Moscow restaurant called 'Anti-Sovetskaya' has changed its name to 'Sovetskaya' under pressure from local authorities who said it offended Russia's older generation, especially veterans and the widows of veterans.

How is that even a compromise? They changed their name to the opposite of the original name. Come on!

Update: Here's a pic of the offending restaurant, thanks to an alert reader! Probably not going to open as soon as predicted.


Rebecca said...

I saw that place in May and was surprised that it would even be allowed. I guess it's not! It's right on Leningradsky Prospekt next to Moscow International University. Here's a picture:

Ern said...

Well that explains it. That's a smart place to put it considering all the foreigners that go to that school.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Rebecca, may we repost that on the front page?

Rebecca said...

Sure, go ahead.