Sep 24, 2009

Do Zionists Love Bulgaria That Much?

Irina Bokova of Bulgaria has been elected as Director General of UNESCO after five controversial rounds of voting. Our congratulations go out to Bokova, the first woman and the first Eastern European to head the UN body.

Meanwhile, Egypt's Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosny is still smarting from the defeat. After saying in May, "I'd burn Israeli books myself if I found any in libraries in Egypt," Hosny blamed his loss to Bokova on "Zionists" and the United States.

Maybe next time Hosny.

And just before we veer dangerously out of area…Mohmmar Qadaffi, after yesterday’s UN address, you are welcome to move to Eternal Remont any time.


Ern said...

Real classy, Hosny.

And side note, your name is the fake Russian word I made up in 2002 to describe clubs with too many hos. "Hosny." The Hungry Duck is a hosny club.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Ah, the Duck.