Sep 14, 2009

Look out, Jolie, the Rocket Man is adopting a baby

Wow, a lot happened over the weekend, and me with a busted computer...Sorry for the overposting. Let's start with some celebrity news. According to YahooNews, pop legend Elton John and his partner are looking to adopt Lev, a Ukrainian toddler they met recently at an orphanage that houses children who's parents have died from AIDS.

Elton John acknowledged bureaucratic hurdles may make adoption of a Ukrainian child impossible, citing the lack of a formal adoption protocol between England and the Ukraine as a serious potential problem. He did not acknowledge the fact that any bureacratic procedure in Ukraine is in fact a hurdle only surmounted with lots and lots of money, but I'm doing that for him right now. Meanwhile EJ hopes his partner will be able to make some headway as a Canadian citizen, since Ukrainian-Canadian relations are much better than Ukrainian-British relations.

Update: Ukraine's minister for family affairs said today that Elton John will not be able to adopt a 14-month-old Ukrainian child because the pop star is too old and isn't traditionally married. Not shocking.


Mrta said...

I was just waiting for the Ukrainian government to pull the "no gays" card. I wonder if barrels full of cash can still trump that card, or if crossing the "no gays" line (mixed metaphors, I know) is going too far.

Ern said...

Oh, barrels full of cash are in the works, I'm SURE.

elmer said...

Having had some exposure to the Ukrainian adoption process and Ukrainian orphanages - my bet is on the barrels of cash.

It may call into play offshore accounts, but, hey, in the former sovok republics, if you haven't had your own offshore accounts since at least 1992, you are soooooo waayyy out of it.