Sep 20, 2009

Life on Planet Medvedev: Low Corruption and a Free Press

Medvedev to CNN: "Today, the situation, as it is towards corruption, is not as bad as it used to be."

Oh really?

Russia in the Corruption Perceptions Index

(lower is better)
2001: 79th place
2002: 71th place
2003: 86th place
2004: 90th place
2005: 126th place
2006: 121th place
2007: 143th place
2008: 147th place

...and apparently Russia also has a free press, according to Medvezhonok.

Freedom of the Press Index

(lower is better)
2002: 60 Partly Free
2003: 66 Not Free
2004: 67 Not Free
2005: 68 Not Free
2006: 72 Not Free
2007: 75 Not Free
2008: 78 Not Free

It must be nice to live on Planet Medvedev. Too bad he won't let anyone visit.


Ern said...

Sure if you apply internationall accepted standards to Russia, the country seems to be getting worse, but by Russian Standard (, Russian men suddenly become a lot more attractive.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Who needs standards when you have Plan Putina?