Sep 30, 2009

Ukrainian Cosmonaut & Soviet Hero Passes Away

According to BBC Ukrainian Service, a decorated Soviet hero and the first Ukrainian Cosmonaut Pavlo Popovych died last night in the Crimea.

He was 79 years old. Popovych's first flight was on the "Vostok-4", August 12-15, 1962. This was the first mission that experimented with radio communications between ships. The Vostok-4 was communicating with the Vostok-3. The crews on each ship also took photographs of each other. He went on to other missions, went into politics briefly, and penned a number of books.

Thank you for your service, sir, I hope you weren't offended by the Anti-Soviet restaurant.


Anonymous said...

It was also the first mission that experimented with the concept of Ukrainians in space.

varske said...

So going to space increases your lifespan, as an alternative to being a spy.

Ern said...

Ha! Yes, it seems in the former Soviet Union, your best bets for a long life are to be a spy, a cosmonaut, or a repatriated ex-pat writer (Solzhenitsyn).