Sep 11, 2009

Is Russia still calling itself a democracy?

So something we've known for a while: Putin wants the presidency back. Today, speaking to a group of scholars and journalists, the big bear got OBVIOUS about it. Putin said that he and Medvezhyonok will jointly decide which one of them would hold the post next in 2012. Said Putin:

"Was there any competition in 2007? No. Then we won't have this in 2012...We will agree because we are people of one stamp. We will take all these things into account and then decide."

So much for elections...

"Mr. Putin rejected any suggestion that such a process would be undemocratic. He compared it favorably with the recent transfer of power in the United Kingdom, where then Prime Minister Tony Blair handed over to Gordon Brown without an election." (Had to add this gem.)


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

"We are people of one stamp."


Why even hold an election?

elmer said...

"The President of Rasha should be nominated by the President of Rasha and then elected by the President of Rasha."

Something to that effect appeared a while back, when Medvedev was plucked to be "president."

The rashans shrug their shoulders and swallow it all, and wring their hands and say "what can we do - it is the rashan soul."

Not much of a soul, if you ask me.