Sep 21, 2009

The Reset Button Gap

Note before I start: I will never ever stop referencing Dr. Strangelove. But I promise never to use "From Russia with ________" ever again.

According to the New York Times, "Russia Tries to Control the Reset Button." How could the US let this happen? They obviously need to build a bigger button and put it on Mars, and the first country there then owns the reset button!

"The Americans can insist that scrapping plans for a ground-based missile shield on Moscow’s borders is all about Iran and not Russia, and that the Obama administration has traded away nothing to the Russians in the process.

But the Kremlin has made clear its will to extend what it considers a triumph. It’s talking up a plan that Russia sees as containing an alliance-splitting downside for the United States whichever way it turns."

Is Obama the US Gorbachev? Inadvertently destroying the country by trying to reform its policies?

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