Sep 22, 2009

Kremlin Inc: Now on Sale?

Yesterday, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov met with the White House's economic team. It now looks like much of Kremlin Inc. is going on sale to raise cash.

“Now is the time that we can return” to privatization, Shuvalov said..."When it was very good, the market, we were collecting money for our reserves and we didn’t talk much about privatization. It was almost dead.”
Seeing how everyone who remembers the last time Russia sold state assets to raise cash is now A) in prison, B) managing a football club in England, or C) living under the name "Platon Elenin" and having his offices cleaned of polonium-210, we're sure the Kremlin can be trusted to keep its word this time around.

Also, anyone else notice the creepy similarity between Rafe Fines and Igor Shuvalov?


Ern said...

Nothing wrong with owning a England football team.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Fair enough. =)

Ani said...

So maybe Vladivostok really IS for rent?