Sep 17, 2009

After MD: How Many Polish Vegetable Gardens Have to Die?

Today's reversal on Missile Defense has lit up the board from Azerbaijan to Prague.

"Obama hands Russia a gift," writes Reuters. Other headlines have been equally pithy.

Either way, the Poles are going to want more overt assurances over Article V and increased contingency planning from NATO. This means a return to old school "Reforger" (Return of Forces to Germany) exercises and Cold War-syle maneuvers across Polish backyards and vegetable gardens. Back in the day, the Germans absolutely loved the annual NATO romp over their carefully manicured countryside.

If the Poles do get their wish, then we hope that NATO will at least change the naming convention because "Depforpol" (Deployment of Forces to Poland?) just doesn't sound as cool. It sounds like a prescription mood stabilizer, which after today, seems rather appropriate.


Ern said...

150mg of Depforpol in the morning, and I have the energy to face the day. Cue footage of me running around an office with my hipster glasses and people throwing reports at me, but I'm still smiling.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...



See, it sells itself.