Sep 4, 2009

Destroying History

I must say, while the Russians revise their history text books every other week it seems, it's somehow refreshing that Azerbaijan just destroys any history book it doesn't like.

According to IFEX, the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan recently upheld the decision of the Sabail District Court not to go forward with a law suit initiated by jailed journalist Ganimat Zahid. While in prison, Zahid wrote A Modern History of Azerbaijan. The head of the prison used flattery to get the manucript from Zahid, and once he read it, claimed it included statements against the government, and so he destroyed it. Zahid tried to sue for US $1,200,000. Would have been a nice chunk of change if he had won or even been allowed to pursue the case. What was he going to do with all that money in prison, anyway?

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