Sep 10, 2009

Turkish Women Rescued from Fake Reality Show

According to Yahoonews, Turkish military police stormed an Istanbul villa today to rescue nine women (8 women and one teenager) held captive after being tricked into believing they were reality show contestants. The women were made to believe they were being filmed for a Big Brother-type television show, but, instead, their naked images were sold on the Internet.

The women had responded to an ad searching for contestants for a reality show that would be aired on a major Turkish television station. They were made to sign a contract that stipulated that they could have no contact with their families or the outside world and would have to pay a 50,000 Turkish Lira fine (US$33,000) if they left the show before two months.

The women quickly figured out that they had been had, and tried to leave, but were held against their will in the villa. The police got involved when parents complained that they were unable to contact their daughters.

Boo these scam artists. Boo reality TV for ever existing.

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