Sep 1, 2009

4,000 Dead in Sochi

To fish is to live, To die is to smell like dead fish ... Walt Whitman

In the latest from Russia, over 4,000 exotic fish killed by the "quite hot weather" in a 14 hour custom delay at Sochi airport. A delay, which Oceanarium director Amin Azzam has called inhumane and an "atrocity unseen anywhere else in the world."

I too cannot imagine anything more cruel than keeping fish waiting at customs for 14 hours when all their papers are in order....

In other news, sushi prices in Sochi at all time low!


Ern said...

That title scared the bejesus out of me!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

I can just see that conversation.

"Customs declaration refused for 'live fish.' These are clearly dead fish."

BabaYaga said...

Sorry for the scary title. Alternatively, I could have used "Flushed, there goes more Olympic money." Apparently the fish were worth almost $500,000 and were destined for the viewing pleasure of Olympic tourists.