Sep 17, 2009

Turk strips Ukrainian of "World's Tallest" title

YahooNews: A towering Turk was officially crowned the world's tallest man Thursday after his Ukrainian rival dropped out of the running by refusing to be measured. Guinness World Records said that 8 foot 1 inch (2.47 meter) Sultan Kosen, from the town of Mardin in eastern Turkey, is now officially the tallest man walking the planet. Although the previous record holder, Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk, reportedly measured 8 feet 5.5 inches (2.57 meters), Guinness said he was stripped of his title when he declined to let anyone confirm his height.

Stadnyk refused to be measured because he wants to stay out of the public eye. How does someone 8'5.5" stay out of anyone's eye?

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surrey said...

OH man !!!!!!!! how to became a taller...?????????