Aug 17, 2009

Russia's Strange Hydrocarbon Folk

I think we can just about call this a trend, now that our friends at LukOil have added to the growing collection of Russia's strange hydrocarbon folk music ("Let's Drink to the Russian Gas"). Did you know, for example:

Oil doesn’t have a woman’s demeanor

Oil has the demeanor of man...

Thanks LukOil. We've always felt that oil could use a anthropomorphic make-over, accessorized with the tasteful addition of sexism and misogyny.

There's probably an explanation for these odes to hydrocarbons, something about the Soviet habit of granting everyone a theme song (border guards, butchers, kolkhozniki) and the way it has infected Russia's post-Soviet culture.

But that doesn't soften the weird.

(Thanks Amichka!)


Anonymous said...

This made my day. Hydrocarbon Shanson -- a new genre. I want to cover these songs singing in a thick American accent. But I refuse to do that creepy Gazprom "we're gonna shut off the gas to spite the khokhly" one.

Igor said...

What they really need to do is add some peppy-er tones to these songs. They really should call Korky Buchek ASAP: