Aug 27, 2009

Madonna Contraverses Eastern Europe

Since August 15, I've ignored several Madonna in Eastern Europe stories, because 1. I haven't liked any of her songs since "Human Nature" and 2. you're too old to be causing this much trouble, Madonna. Are you addicted to people hating you, Material Girl? In any case, there are too many stories, so I caved.

We start in Poland, where Madonna happened to be on tour on August 15 - her birthday and the Assumption - a Catholic Holy Day of Obligation. So on this one, she really didn't do anything. People were just mad that she was there. Said Lech Walesa to concert organizers: "Please avoid any collision with my faith during this extraordinary day." Couldn't find any source on whether or not she sang "Like a Prayer."

Onto Romania, where after performing with Roma dancers during a concert this Wednesday, Madonna condemned widespread discrimination against Roma. Polite applause quickly turned into angry booing. No word if anything was stolen from the stage.

And finally, we stop in Bulgaria, where the Orthodox Church has blasted a planned Madonna concert in Sofia this weekend, accusing the 51-year old pop singer of showing disrespect to Christianity and has urged Bulgarians to stay away from the show. The Church sites her choreography as sending a bad message that is contrary to Christian beliefs. Yeah, too many examples to support the Church's claim there.



Ah, there is a new brand of Taliban in Eastern Europe we are unaware of?

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

The next version of Microsoft Word will include a press release template for Church leaders to condemn Madonna’s wanton disrespect of [insert topic here].

Give it up, grandma.

elmer said...

Is there anything more sick than the Bulgarian orthodox church and the Bulgarian government?


1) the oily mother rasha orthodox church

2) the rashan government

3) the serbian orthodox church

4) the serb government.

Say what you will, but Madonna seems to me like a breath of FRESH AIR in Bulgaria - and Serbia and rasha as well.

And that's saying something.

PetrusDran said...

Also, Ern, I think you just created a new word.

"Contraverses." Verb. Present tense. Definition: "To travel around a given location or region, creating controversies wherever you go."

Example: "Madonna Contraverses Eastern Europe"

Roots: Latin "Con; meaning with, together, joined. As in, Madonna's traveling road show." "Traverse; as in travel across or pass over," and a pun on "Controversies."

Google hits for Contraverses: 4,340

Usage: Rare

Ern said...

I'm like Shakespeare...or maybe more like Doctor Seuss.

Anonymous said...

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