Aug 26, 2009

Russia Now, How We've Missed You

Like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, the Winter Solstice and the start of Dacha season, everyone is cheering about the return of Rossisskaya Gazeta’sRussia Now” advertizing supplement in the WashPost. This one has to be a collector's edition, since it spotlights Russia’s Black Community, or, "African-Russians." Strangely, this is not the word you typically hear in Russia. How odd.

Other gems:

“Some of Vladimir Putin’s popularity comes from his ‘strongman’ image. [But] How does this affect Russia’s relations with other countries?”

Or did you know that…

“During the Obamas’ recent visit to Moscow, First Lady Michelle garnered respect from the Russian press for ‘Working the White house like a dacha.'”

Which brings us to the hardest working man in the Crimea, Joachim Crima (aka “The Russian Obama”). The editors give Crima a nice little shout-out on page 3, and even offer us a heavily sanitized translation of his campaign slogan.

“Crima was using the common Russian expression for working hard as his campaign slogan.”

But what's that “common Russian expression,” you ask? Wouldn't readers want to know? This is the edition that spotlights Russia's Black Community after all.

Let's just say our "common Russian expression" speaks to the same kind of sensitivity and cultural understanding that Gazprom demonstrated when it formed the Nigaz joint venture.

(Here you go.)

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