Aug 19, 2009

Ice Pirates...Melt Off Africa

The Pirated/Not Pirated saga of the missing Russian freighter Arctic Sea is over…sort of.

By the time Russian agents stormed the vessel off the coast of West Africa this week, the eight pirates/hijackers/ransomers had already thrown their weapons overboard, making them the most wanted stowaways in the world.

Oficially, our [formerly-armed] stowaways attempted to ransom the Arctic Sea’s lumber, worth $1.8 million. But we note that, as of yet, no-one has verified the contents of the cargo. It’s doubtful we’ll ever know the true fate of the limited edition Obama matryoshka dolls.

On the up side, the event has made history, since it was the first act of piracy in European waters in centuries. Pretty good considering that, by the end, the crew of the Arctic Sea was held against their will by nothing more than a menacing glare and body odor.

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