Aug 19, 2009

If liking Armenians is a crime...

...oh wait, it seems that liking Armenians in Azerbaijan is kind of being considered a crime. Direct from FP Passport:

Three months after this year's Eurovision Song Contest, an unconfirmed number of Azerbaijanis who voted for the Armenian entry have been brought in for questioning by the police. One man said he was accused of being unpatriotic and a "potential security threat." Authorities said people were simply invited to explain their voting choices.

Frightening and hilarious. However, before you judge the Azerbaijani authorities for overreacting, look at the Armenian Eurovision entry from this year. I got some questions for people who voted for this.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...


Erik said...

I did some research, there are some 30.000 Armenians in Azerbaijan today and in the contrast there are less then a hundred Azerbaijanis in Armenia. So I would say the title is incorrect.

Ern said...

You're argument is flawed, sir.

I suggested that liking Armenians is being treated like a crime in Azerbaijan, evidenced by the fact people who voted for the Armenian eurovision entry were questioned by authorities.

I in no way suggested that this means Armenians who like Azeris are treated well in Armenia. There very well could be an example of Armenians being question because they associate with Azeris. And the post in no way comments on the ridiculous things Armenian authorities have done.

I am suggesting that it is ridiculous to be questioned by authorities based on how you vote in a European pop song contest. Plain and simple. I would think it ridiculous of any country of the world, including if that country were my own.

Onnik Krikorian said...

The 20-30,000 Armenians living in Azerbaijan are either the wives of Azeris or the product of mixed marriages. They also keep a low profile. The Armenian Church in Baku is closed which is perhaps indicative of that.

However, yes, it is unfortunately true that there are only a few hundred Azeris in Armenia -- again, wives of Armenians or children of mixed marriages. Nevertheless, over 1,000 Armenians voted for the Azeri Eurovision entry this year and NONE were called in for questioning.

You can also hear the song played in Yerevan and Azeris can and do visit the country (under supervision) whereas it is impossible for me -- a British citizen with an Armenian name (I'm half-Armenian) to visit Azerbaijan.

In October there will be an Azeri film festival in Yerevan whereas such events promoting Armenian culture are not possible in Azerbaijan.

Ern said...

NICE! Thank you for your input, Onnik!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Video removed for terms of use violation. Nice.