Aug 8, 2009

How *Not* to Silence a Critic

The Denial of Service attacks against Twitter and other social networking sites continued over the weekend, giving Georgian blogger "Cyxymu" a global platform for his ideas and world-wide media exposure. This is probably not the best way to silence a critic, Russia.

However, the best quote award has to go to Chief Research Officer over at F-Secure:

"Launching DDoS attacks against services like Facebook is the equivalent of bombing a TV station because you don't like one of the newscasters."
...Welcome to the party pal.


Michelle said...

Yes, it is Sunday and I am still continuing to have problems using twitter. I live in Ukraine.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

The scale of the impact is completely out of proportion for a single target.

I wonder if that was really intended.


I guess the decision was made in the end of drinking party (pyanka) celebrating first anniversary of Russian victory...

Этот день победы!!