Aug 6, 2009

Medvedev is Toast

This week marks the first anniversary of the Summer War between Russia and Georgia. At the time, we noted the curious discrepancy between Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev’s public approach to the crisis. (Putting the Prime in Prime Minister.)

Putin was personally briefed by battlefield commanders as he watched the fighting from a forward observation post in North Ossetia. Meanwhile, Russia’s constitutional commander-in-chief was nowhere to be found. So how are we doing one year later? Not so good, if you’re on Team Medvedev.

Here’s Putin on "vacation," training to unseat Michael Phelps at the next Olympics:

And here’s Medvedev, investigating bread?

This has to be embarrassing. Couldn’t Medvedev's people at least get him a ride-along with a bomber?

His career is toast.

(Photo credit: Reuters)


Ern said...

Putin looks like Wolverine about to attack an entire army in that pic. Oh my, it just got warmer in my office.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Breath. Breath.

nimh said...

who goes swimming with their watch on? must be some ultra-secret FSB device. so he could launch the nukes even mid-swim if necessary.

PetrusDran said...

I thought the same thing. I hope it's waterproof. =)

elmer said...

In my book, bread is far more important than seeing Putler flop around in the water.

Personally, I think Dima was on the right track in that picture. I wonder if he provided any pricing advice to the store, like Putler did with the sausage?

Natalie said...

In my opinion everyone must look at it.