Aug 17, 2009

Punk rock dissidents take on the big bear

Awesome article from YahooNews today about St. Petersburg punk rock band PTVP or "The Last Tanks in Paris."

Lead Singer Nikonov saves much of his venom for LL Cool P (Ladies Love Cool Putin), referring to him as a "pig" in one of his most strident songs. Some lyrics from the band's 2002 hit "FSB Whore," for your enjoyment:

"Don't listen to anything! / He always lies to you! / Putin, Putin, Putin! / A pig will find filth everywhere!"

10 points to the first person you finds this song on YouTube.


Anonymous said...


Ничего не слушай!
Он тебе все врет!
Свинья везде грязь найдет!

Video is not available on YouTube yet. Mail my 10 points, please.

Ern said...

The points was for a video! You get 5 pts and there in the mail. USPS, so...they'll get to you maybe.


If you mail me my 10 points, i'll send you the cover of their album with a funny pic of Putin, the link to download the album with the aforementioned song, and their "official" site :)


Wow, Ern, thank you very much! What a wonderful group! I can't help to stop my player from playing their songs continuously!

Eternal Remont ROCKS!

Here is the website of their fan club:

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

I knew someone could find it.

Ern said...

That link made my week!