Aug 7, 2009

Montenegrin Journalists Beaten by Mayor

According to, journalist Mihailo Jovovic and photographer Boris Pejovic allege that they were beaten by Podgorica Mayor Miomir Mugosa, his son, and his driver while working on a story about the mayor's car being parked illegally in front of a cafe. The Montenegrin State Prosecutor's Office has filed criminal charges against the mayor's son and Jovovic.

The real surprise for me in this story is that they found someone actually working in Montenegro. Yeah, so I seriously only included this story because I wanted to post my favorite "Lazy Montenegrin" joke. I don't think Montenegrins are lazy or support portraying them as such, but this joke is awesome. Here it goes.

Montenegrins are so lazy, they have to marry pregnant women!


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

The Montenegrins are going to come after you for that one.

Ern said...

I'm not trying to incite ethnic conflict, but I heard the joke from an Albanian. :)