Aug 10, 2009

Government Housing Boom in Ukraine

Apparently bread lines have been replaced with apartment lines in Ukraine. According to Pani Yulia's blog, the government plans to buy more than 10,000 unfinished apartments by the end of 2009 to give to special categories of people waiting in line for housing. 2 billion UAH from the State Mortgage Office will be used to purchase the apartments.

Why these people are waiting for houses, I'm not sure. But lets hope the bureaucracy doesn't muck up a seemingly decent idea.


Blair Sheridan said...

While not not wanting to be a balloon-air-letter-outer, I have to point out a couple of details here:

1) 10 000 is but a drop in the bucket, as there are 140 000 people waiting in line in Kyiv alone.

2) These apartments were bought by the government from two companies, both of which belong to members of BYuT. Yulia herself called this a "coincidence." Harrumph.

The people waiting in line are pensioners (MVD, teachers, Chernobyl clean-up workers, etc.): all current or former public employees

elmer said...

Here is somewhat of an explanation:

Note that the article says there is a "high level of completion" in the 44 apartment blocks.

And that

"The flats will be bought by the State Mortgage Institution using UAH 1 billion in funds the establishment raised by selling its bonds to state savings bank Oschadbank."

One hand washes the other...

I wonder if they'll have hot water - right now, in Kyiv, the centrally based supply system is shut down - for remont.

Happens every year.

Ern said...

This is why pensioners miss the Soviet Union.