Aug 21, 2009

Excommunicating like it's 1799

The Moscow Times reports that the Russian Orthodox Church has cursed and excommunicated Pskov journalist Oleg Dementyev for “satanic lies” in accusing the abbess of a monastery of scaring locals into selling their homes for “peanuts.”

"The church used excommunication and the anathema ecclesiastical curse as powerful weapons against its enemies under the tsars but rarely imposes the sanctions today."

Dementyev has had this coming, as most honest Russians have it coming. Aside from his "peanuts" claim, he was also recently found guilty of libel for accusing the lay sisters at the Spaso-Yeleazarovsky Monastery of smoking and drinking in their robes. He also affixed this title to said article: “A Wasp’s Nest Under Golden Domes.” I would comment that this title might be a little over the top, but people in glass houses can't throw stones (see most of my previous posts).

Dementyev stands by his articles and believes there is ongoing corruption at the monastery. No word on whether he will choose another church.


elmer said...

Being excommunicated from the moozer rasha oily orthodox church is a bit like being excommunicated from the Ku Klux Klan.

Noone goes to church in rasha anyway.

That's why Kirill had to go all the way to Ukraine to show off his $36,000 watch.

So maybe it's like being excommunicated from a club you never belonged to in the first place.

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Derrick Zelaya said...

This will not have effect in reality, that is what I believe.