Aug 25, 2009

Ice Pirates: "Free to move around" Moscow

In one of the least surprising twists of the year, Russian investigators have admitted that the Arctic Sea might have been carrying something more sensitive than a pile of wood.

"We do not rule out the possibility that [the Arctic Sea] might have been carrying not only timber," said lead investigator Alexander Bastrykin.
Bastrykin did not elaborate. But his words are a welcome breeze of honestey -- however obscure. For now, even money bets say the ship was transporting an illegal load of conventional arms. The long shots say it was more like a nuclear device.

Either way, two of the pirates (Dmitry "Red Beard" Bartenev and Vitaly "One Eye" Lepin) are back in Moscow, appealing their arrest. Oddly, Russian officials claim they are “free to move around the city and had cell phones on them to call their families."

Blackbeard never had it so good.

Meanwhile, the Arctic Sea is sailing back to Russian waters -- the contents of its cargo hold are still unknown.


BabaYaga said...

I'm sure they'll be tracking them the whole time ;)

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

The tour boats on the Moscow river are unguarded.

Just saying.