Oct 14, 2009

More Fun with Polish Photoshop

Didn't we already learn this lesson, Poland?

Dear student,


You have been accepted into the Medical University of Lubin's prestigious color-blindness specialization program. As part of our newly improved entrance exam, we kindly ask you to identify the one important difference between our English and Polish language websites.

Yours in racial homogeneity,

The Photoshop Staff

(Note: the site has since been fully sanitized. However, even the cover-up is a disaster. For added fun, flip between the current English and Polish language versions. Hair, buildings, and skin color are all horribly wrong. Thanks to Photoshop Dissasters!)

1 comment:

Daniel said...

You know, racial homogeneity is one thing. I don't EXPECT ads in Poland to have the same diversity as ads in the U.S. for obvious reasons.

The weird thing here is the conscious change. If you have a bunch of white people at your university, don't worry about putting a bunch of white people in your ad, and don't worry about publishing that in both English and Polish. You only look like a jackass when you change it!!!