Oct 15, 2009

Sorry Children, Christmas is Cancelled

Belarus ruins everything!

I didn't make this story up. According to the Assembly of Belarusian Pro-Democratic NGOs, a group of Santa Clauses recently voluntarily surrendered themselves in Minsk. On October 15, a number of indviduals dressed in Santa (or Ded Moroz) costumes went to the General Prosecutor's Office in Minsk and handed in a declaration in which the individuals admitted to being a part of an unregistered Santa Claus organization and to participating in unsanctioned Santa Claus activities.

Of course these individuals had not been under any suspicion for their Santa activities, but they were trying to draw attention to Article 193.1 of Belarus' Criminal Code, which imposes a criminal penalty for individuals participating in unregistered organizations. Pretty funny and clever. I thought the donkey skit in Azerbaijan wasn't too bad either. I look forward to your impending trials, and please try to come up with a catchy T-shirt. "I am a Santa Claus too" maybe


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

This is classic. How about: Lukashenko Hates Santa?

(Nice protest Santas.)

Ern said...

Lukashenko's Heart:

Still 2 sizes too small