Oct 13, 2009

(Re)branding Nord Stream

Yesterday's NYTimes had a strange article on the Nord Stream project. Strange, because there wasn't much to report. The project continues, Europe remains divided, GazProfit reps are up on their talking points. (Is it news just because the NYTimes reports it?)

In fact, the only quote of interest comes to us from Nord Stream Representative to the European Union Sebastian Sass, who showed a little more leg in the company’s effort to brand the pipeline:

“As far as common energy policy exists, we are part of it on the highest priority level,” said Sass.
You want a common energy policy? I got your common energy policy right here.

More to the point, Sass used specific EU language -- reserved only for Nabucco -- to describe Nord Stream ("highest priority"). This follows Moscow's failed efforts to have the EU designate South Stream as a "high priority" energy project.

Nice trick, Sebastian. We noticed.

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