Oct 27, 2009

What the Kids are Doing: "Russian Road Roulette"

If there was ever a doubt that you take your life in your hands while driving in Bulgaria, we offer you "Russian road roulette" -- the latest craze among twenty-something Bulgarians.

"To win at Russian road roulette, the driver must jump red lights at busy crossroads at full speed and not collide with another vehicle, pedestrian or leave the road. If he hits an object, he loses the bet. Onlookers also take part by gambling on the outcome."
The Telegraph reports that at least five people have been killed since the summer. Bets are limited to $8,000.


Ern said...

um...can we send some play stations to Bulgaria? maybe a few Wiis? maybe Wii can even develop a Russian Roulette game? bulgaria is starved for enterntainment, is all i'm saying.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...


(I've seen the tunnel of light many times on the road to Burgas.)