Oct 9, 2009

Take it or Leave It

The South Caucasus may have finally found something that can unite all nations, unrecognized or not, even ::gasp:: Russia...well other than an oppressive, communist dictatorship that is. What is this magical solution? Tea!

We've all probably read "Three Cups of Tea," but now several Caucasian national tea associations are suggesting the answer is really in a single cup. By brewing a tea which contains tealeaves grown throughout the Caucasus, national tea enthusiasts will restore peace and a sense of unity to the oft troubled region.

These tea-totallers are calling for their national governments to get together and create a cool logo, regional trademark, and, if so inclined, weave friendship bracelets for fellow leaders. South Ossetian coordinator Timur Tskhovrebov argues that the project shows "that a degree of common sense has remained in us, [the South Caucasus]" and the Azerbaijani proponent suggested that "It’s better to have economic dialogue than not to have any."

I personally feel that there may be more important things brewing in the South Caucasus...


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Lol: "tea-totallers."


You reserve the right not to believe, but actually I am sipping my tea while reading your blog ;)