Oct 5, 2009

New Genre Alert: The Diplomacy of Jewels

Lock and Load Albright has a new book: Read My Pins: Stories From a Diplomatic Jewel Box. Yup, it’s a memoir about the broaches that saved civilization.

Apparently, Putin once revealed to Bill Clinton that he'd try to decipher the meaning of Albright’s brooches. Then there was the time she wore an arrow-like pin for talks with Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov.
--“Is that one of your interceptor missiles?” he asked.
--“Yes, and as you can see, we know how to make them very small. So you’d better be ready to negotiate,” Albright replied.
To be fair: if Albright wasn’t such an accomplished pit fighter, Putin wouldn’t give a second thought to her jewelry box. But then, no one is going to read a book titled, Discourses from the 64th Secretary of State on Multi-Lateral Diplomacy in Post-Conflict Environments.

Put it back, Charlie Rose.

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