Oct 19, 2009

New Poll: Democracy Down, Iron Fist Up

A new poll by the Levada-Center shows that 57% of Russian respondents believe their country should have a democratic system -- the lowest since 2006. Meanwhile, 26% believe democracy is “not suitable” for Russia.

One point upon which everyone agrees: they have “little or no influence” on events in the country (95%).

So, does the country need an “iron fist” leader?

Forty three percent said, "Yes!"


Ern said...

It would be kind of sweet if Putin literally had an iron fist. Imagine the Judo matches.

PetrusDran said...

Who says he doesn't? =)

Ern said...

If it's proven he has an iron fist, he should totally get moved up in hottest heads of state.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Too bad Medvedev is the head of state.

Putin is *only* the head of government.


Ern said...

That site really should be called Hottest Actual Heads of State. Medvezhonok is adorable, but right now he's in charge of eliminating alcoholism in the country. Talking about setting up someone to fail. And I do believe that Putin said he (and Medvezhonok) would decide who would be president in 2010. Putin is the head of state, my friend.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

I'd have to agree. Although, I'm hearing stories that knives have almost been drawn during discussions on this issue.

To me, it's not even a debate.

Ern said...

Hahahaha, when I lived in Russia the two most popular weapons used in murders in the city were broken liquor bottles and kitchen knives. Ah, I miss her.