Oct 27, 2009

Note to War Criminals: Take the Plea and Go to Sweeden

That's the lesson we've learned from former Bosnian Serb President Biljana “the Iron Lady” Plavsic.

Back in 2003, the International Criminal Tribunal accused Biljana of "genocide, extermination and murder." But, like every first time offender, Biljana pled guilty to a lesser charge, had her lawyers get her transferred to Sweden, and wrote a tell-all.

Oddly, Sweden isn't home to genocidal war criminals. So, local laws allow for early release on good behavior "notwithstanding the gravity of her crimes."

If only Charles Manson had Biljana's legal team.

Are you taking notes Karadzic? His trial just got underway at the Hague. If there is any justice in the world, Karadzic will do his time at Pelican Bay, join an El Salvadorian gang and spend his twilight years as a prison tattoo artist for the Maras. Call it his cross-cultural awakening.

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