Oct 14, 2009

I can't wait for Scorsese to make this movie

According to the New York Times, Russian Vyacheslav K. Ivankov was laid to rest yesterday. Ivankov, 69, died Friday from complications from a gunshot wound he incurred in July. Who was this Ivankov who beat the odds of Russian male life expectancy only to be shot down? Well Ivankov was a (some might say, "the") "Russian crime boss who survived tangles with the KGB, the FBI, and other violent criminals in a bloody career that spanned decades."

Hundreds attended Mr. Ivankov's funeral, which from pictures I've seen could easily be mistaken for a leather coat convention. In any case, attendees weren't there to pay their respects. It turns out with the death of Mr. Ivankov, those in the crime world are expecting one hell of a Moscow mob war. People attended the funeral to make allies and mark targets. Holy S^&*!

Seriously, Scorsese, start writing it. DiCaprio could totally play a Russian. And Viggo Mortensen was totally believable in Eastern Promises. Think about it.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

So many cows had to die for that photo. So many cows.

Ern said...

Yet red meat is SO hard to find in Russia. How can there be so much leather, and so little beef?