Oct 16, 2009

“Russian Obama” Gets the Bronze

Sadly, the greatest underdog story of the year has come to an end.

The “Russian Obama,” Joaquim Crima, placed third during this week’s municipal elections in Srednaya Akhtuba, Volgograd. He won just 4.75 per cent of the vote.

"I expected to gain around one percent and I came in third. [I’m] pleasantly surprised," Crima said.
At the top of the podium, United Russia party candidate Sergei Tikhonov won with 47 percent of the vote.

You may have lost the election but you won our hearts, господин крыма.



Sorry for offtopic, but it seems you have missed this. Can someone delete all those spam comments and close this post for comments at all? It seems somehow that the post has been infested...

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

On it.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Holy cow. I don't think it was a spambot. I think it was an attempt to crash our party and use the message board to hold a discussion about…things that are not in our subject area.

Unfortunately, I had to nuke the post. I don’t want people coming back or any hint of bad hyperlinks.

Thanks LM! Great catch.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

To make up for the loss, we'll shine some more light on the plight of Adnan Emin next week.


Ah! You have deleted the post! But Blogger gives an option to close a single post for comments. Sad. However, if you haven't deleted that post forever, you can always resurrect it. I hope.

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Just like Ripley said at the end of Aliens: "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

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Ern said...

Agreed. Shoot first. Ask questions last. That's what the KGB would do.


That was KGB. But Eternal Remont could just delete all those suspicious comments and then close the post for further ones. Both the post and useful comments could survive.

Anyway, I am a libertarian and believe you have your right to arrange things in your blog in a way you deem appropriate.