Oct 15, 2009

Moldova's Grenade Scare

Moldova is known for many things. But grenade attacks are not on the list.

That’s why the news that 40 concert-goers were injured by a grenade blast in Chisinau has raised eyebrows.

According to Moldovan Interior Minister Viktor Katan, "It remains to be seen whether this is a result of hooliganism, negligence or other causes. We are not ruling out the version of a terrorist attack."

Either way, the event sparked a mild grenade panic across the city. After the first explosion, a man walked into the state prosecutor's office with a grenade to demand the release of his son -- a convicted murderer.

Apparently, this is not the usual method of appeal in Moldova.


Ern said...

easy access to weapons in eastern europe never ceases to amaze me

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Almost surprised this didn't happen earlier.

Europe's largest stockpile of weapons is just across the Dniester.

Mrta said...

You think it's still there?

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Sure is, most of it.


If every father of every convicted has a grenade, then it isn't. Possibly.

Anonymous said...

P&D -- don't forget that the Moldovan Unity Freedom Fighters (M.U.F.F.) were behind this attack. ;)

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Great. Now some intern at Langley has to write a memo about this blog being a source of information on terrorism. Thanks.